AJF Paris Trip

Paris isn’t thought of as a big art jewelry destination–at least not for contemporary art jewelry, the kind of jewelry Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) loves. However, this fall there are many intriguing events taking place there that will be especially engaging to you as an art lover who is also interested in discovering the world of contemporary art jewelry.

Here are the main events:

The total cost of the trip will be $2,400, which includes three lunches and three dinners, bus transportation, and all museum and fair entry fees.

Invite a friend and learn about contemporary art jewelry together. Make new connections in this incredible city from October 12–15, 2017. Show your interest in attending by registering with a $500 deposit by June 15, 2017 (extended to June 30, 2017).


At AJF, we focus on the intimate objects of personal adornment–from heirloom jewelry that evokes nostalgia to political statement pieces that demand action, from explorations of the deep meaning held in a simple wedding band to the celebration of beauty in a finely crafted object.

AJF provides a platform to understand a jewelry artist’s creative intentions while encouraging collectors and enthusiasts to understand the larger picture as they connect to their interest in art jewelry. AJF-guided trips to cities with jewelry events include exclusive access to artists, curators, and galleries, along with fantastic dinners and fellowship with others interested in this intimate art form.

ArtForum’s Nicolas Trembley believes the Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous, at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris “might be the most ambitious project dealing with jewelry ever conceived for a museum.”

Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous

Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous

Note: Travel and accommodations are not included in the total cost of the event and are the responsiblity of each guest.

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