2023 Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant Guidelines

Susan Beech, the founder of the Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant, photo courtesy of Susan Beech


  • To recognize a mid-career artist with a substantial practice who has made a significant contribution to the field
  • To provide the resources for the development and implementation of a significant jewelry-related project that the artist would not otherwise have the means to undertake


  • An unrestricted cash grant of $20,000 to be paid over two years ($10,000 at the signing of the contract, $5,000 twelve months after the signing, and $5,000 upon the project’s completion)
  • All monies must be used for the implementation of the project
    • The artist will be responsible for taxes and payments to subcontractors
    • Every six months, the artist must provide a maximum one-page update on project progress and how grant monies are being spent
    • Please note: The funds cannot be used to pay for previously incurred expenses


  • The artist must be 35–55 years of age on January 8, 2023
  • The artist must have an active and ongoing record of activity in the field, which may include exhibitions, shows, gallery activity, published work, and other activities
  • Staff and board members of AJF are not eligible to apply


  • The proposed project must be about jewelry, loosely defined as:
    • Worn on the body or enhances the body in some way
    • May utilize jewelry forms and/or history
    • May consist of any manner of materials
  • There must be a specific and concrete outcome to the project, and the proposed project must be completed within a two-year time frame
  • Examples of projects could include (but are not limited to):
    • The creation of a new body of work
    • A book, catalog, or other publication
    • Research and development, including travel study
    • Performance art involving jewelry
    • An educational or social initiative involving jewelry
  • A proposal that was submitted previously may be submitted again


The jury will consist of three members, AJF founder and collector Susan Cummins (US); curator and historian LaMar Gayles (US), and jewelry historian and curator Beatriz Chadour-Sampson (UK).


  • Artist bio
    • One-page artist biography. (Note: The format is up to the applicant and can be narrative, résumé, or CV format)
  • Project proposal
    • Two-page description outlining the project and how the grant will help support the artist’s work and career, and how it would enhance the field
  • Proposal budget
    • One-page budget detailing how the monies would be used to implement the project, including materials, estimates from outside vendors, travel costs, and other expenses
  • Project proposal portfolio
    • Five to 10 images that support/define/clarify the project proposal. (Images could be storyboard-style images to clarify the proposal; images that inspired the project; images of past work that support the new project proposal; etc.)
    • Each image must include a detailed caption that provides information about the image. Information could include: (if a piece of jewelry) title, year produced, dimensions, materials, photo credit; or an explanation of how the image supports or clarifies the proposal, including a photo credit
    • All images submitted should be available in high resolution (300 dpi or higher JPG or TIFF file) and available to AJF for use in print media and/or on its website. (Note: High-resolution images must be available to be used in promotional materials if you are selected; they do not need to be submitted in the application)
  • Project proposal must be submitted in English


Digital applications only will be accepted starting November 1, 2022.

The following information must be submitted via the CaFE website. The link to the Cafe website is HERE.

  • One-page artist biography
  • Two-page project proposal
  • One-page detailed budget
  • Five to 10 images that support the proposal
  • The following information must also be included:
    • Date of birth—applicants younger than 35 years or older than 55 at time of application deadline (January 8, 2023) are not eligible
    • Contact information, including name, email, and phone number
    • Country of origin—for information purposes only
    • Website (if applicable)

Applications must be received by 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time (Denver, Colorado, US) on Sunday, January 8, 2023. Incomplete entries will not be considered.


  • We plan to announce the winning artist at the 2023 Internationale Handwerksmesse. The winner is therefore expected to travel to Schmuck, in Munich, Germany, in March 2023 for the award presentation, where they will present their work and project for 10 minutes. The artist will arrange travel at their own expense (barring travel restrictions)
  • The winning artist is expected to participate in a written interview for AJF’s online magazine

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