2015 Fall Fundraiser

After tallying all the donations received in the final hours of the campaign, AJF’s Fall Fundraiser goal of $10,000 was exceeded by over five thousand dollars! The Rotasa Foundation was so impressed by the community’s response, they’ve agreed to not only match the amount raised so far, but will also continue to match donations until the end of the year, up to $20,000.

Don’t worry, we won’t disturb your holidays with an extended fundraising campaign. If you didn’t get a chance to donate, just know that it will still be doubled by the Rotasa Foundation until we reach $20,000–whcih would be an amazing feat!

For everyone who already donated, thank you not only for your generosity, but for your show of support. AJF continues to work on connecting jewelry to the culture at large by reviewing, interviewing, and publishing ideas and opinions about contemporary jewelry. We keep working at being more inclusive and more inventive while still maintaining the nimble entrepreneurial spirit that has made us so successful. We look forward to continuing to be your guide to all things related to contemporary jewelry. Enjoy!

Your donation will be doubled if you donate now!


The Rotasa Foundation is supplying these Matching Funds because I strongly believe in the goals of Art Jewelry Forum to educate everyone from maker to collector. We continue to develop a strong knowledge base about contemporary jewelry through travel, interviews, articles, and reviews. This opens the door for an understanding of
this intimate art form and, in this way, we raise the visibility of contemporary jewelry.

And that benefits everyone.

Susan Cummins–Rotasa Foundation co-director and AJF board chair

benjamin%20lignelEach article you read on AJF involves a minimum of 5 people: the writer, the editor, the proofreader, and the content manager handle the text. Meanwhile, we ask photographers to use their images, and they invariably say yes–thanks, guys! This whole process takes 2 months for each piece, and costs on average $565 dollars. AJF publishes 16 articles a month. We need your help to keep it up.

Benjamin Lignel–AJF editor

Liesbeth%20den%20Besten_linkedin_portraitAJF is an important platform for scholarly research that helps to nurture and support writers in the field. It is a unique place where knowledge, discussions, ideas, and visions are shared and kept as an infinite source of inspiration and information about contemporary jewelry worldwide. I would like to urge every jewelry aficionado and everyone involved in crafts and design in general supporting this generous and open platform.

Liesbeth den Besten–Writer

iris_eichenberg_135px_1 What is AJF to me? Motivation. A sense of belonging. A voice for a field that has struggled to find a voice for 25 years. What is AJF to us? A platform, rather a speaker phone on the table ready to be picked up. A way to raise a public voice, critique, engage rather than complain, a means to rethink from within. AJF should be used. The public voice should become an us rather than them.

Iris Eichenberg–Artist, Educator


Artists know how difficult it is to take an idea and make it a reality. AJF’s mission is to provide a platform for the many voices of this intimate field, making ideas accessible and, digitally, tangible. Donating to AJF is a way to participate in the conversation and show your support for the field. Plus, when someone asks what you do, just point to this rich resource and let them discover the beautiful complexity of jewelry for themselves.

Rebekah Frank–Artist and AJF Executive Director

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