Since 2006, Tinsel has been at the forefront of contemporary jewellery in South Africa, providing a platform for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. We focus mainly on one-of-a-kind work that is handmade by the jeweller, and through our many solo and group exhibitions we aim to grow the audience for contemporary jewellery in this country. Our offering is unique in South Africa, and we are committed to promoting this kind of work. You can visit us anytime to see our permanent collection of pieces, or keep an eye out for one of our six exhibitions during the year. Our three directors—Geraldine Fenn, Eric Loubser and Liz Loubser—are all contemporary jewellers themselves, and have been heavily involved in the industry (making, teaching, organising shows) for many years.

Find out more about Geraldine Fenn by reading her 2017 interview on AJF.

Tinsel gallery interior 2015, photo: Sarah de Pina
Tinsel gallery interior close-up 2015, photo: Geraldine Fenn
Portrait of Geraldine Fenn 2014, photo: Brett Rubin
Portrait of Liz Loubser (wearing glasses) 2014, photo: Brett Rubin
Portrait of Eric Loubser 2014, photo: Brett Rubin
Yellow earrings by Eric Loubser 2014 (9ct gold, yellow sapphires, ethiopian opals, vintage coral, silk thread) 50 x 15 x 15mm, photo: Sarah de Pina
Pearl necklace by Geraldine Fenn 2014 (seed pearls, 9ct gold, found bird bone, silk thread) 420 x 15 x 10mm, photo: Sarah de Pina
Brooch by Liz Loubser 2016 (silver, gold leaf, carved quartz, coral, jade, turquoise) 45 x 28 x 8mm, photo: Sarah de Pina

Object Feature

Eric Loubser, Child's Play
Joani Groenewald, Cookie Monster
Eric Loubser, Biscuit
Geraldine Fenn, Untitled, 2015, pin, 9-karat yellow gold, sterling silver, diamond, pearl, handpainted miniature (oil paint on brass), 85 x 24 x 10 mm, photo: Sarah de Pina
Geraldine Fenn, Untitled