Readers Share A Prized Piece from Their Collections—Number 1

Welcome to a new series on Art Jewelry Forum! The premise is simple: We’re deeply curious what you deem collection-worthy, and therefore invite you to pore over the jewelry pieces you own, select your current favorite or a piece you find especially noteworthy, and send in a photo to share with readers.

AJF thinks this series will offer some insight into what you think is important in the field, and we hope it will expose more contemporary artists to the community and beyond. We plan to publish a new edition four times per year, and invite everyone around the globe to contribute, however you define (or don’t define) yourself in relation to jewelry—as a maker, a collector, an enthusiast, gallerist, curator, etc. The only criteria are that you must own the piece and that it must have been made by someone other than yourself.

We hope you’ll join the fun! Simply go to this link to submit a photo of your favorite jewelry.

Sergey Jivetin, Pentagon #3 Brooch
Deedie Rose wearing Sergey Jivetin’s Poultry Accumulus
Sergey Jivetin, Poultry Accumulus
Works by Sergey Jivetin, Sally Marsland, Zach Peabody, Ford & Forlano, John Iversen, Lore Langendries, and other artists
work by Sergey Jivetin
Marion Delarue wears Lore Langendries’s Hunacturing
Yves Amu Klein, Untitled
Margit Hart wearing Fritz Maierhofer’s Torrent
Fritz Maierhofer, Torrent
Barbara Cohen wearing Ela Bauer’s Untitled
Ela Bauer, Untitled
Trudee Hill wearing Marita Dingus’s Shells
Marita Dingus, Shells
Jack Burton, Bracelet
Jack Burton, Bracelet
Eric Silva, Necklace
Eric Silva, Necklace
Christoph Straube, Brooch
Christoph Straube, Brooch
Elsa Vanier wearing Agathe Saint Girons’s Urbis et Orbis
Agathe Saint Girons, Urbis et Orbis
Christian Bürger, Untitled
Christian Bürger, Untitled
Bettina Dittlmann, Ringchen
Bettina Dittlmann, Ringchen
Bryna Pomp wearing Emmeline Hastings’s Murmur Rock Necklace
Laura Wood, Mended Flag
Anya Pinchuk, Untitled
Anya Pinchuk, Untitled
Leyla Taranto wearing Debbie Adamson’s Pendant
Debbie Adamson, Pendant
Sogand Nobahar, The Rebirth of Lotus
Raffaella Brunzin, DOT Gummy Brooche
Antique mother-of-pearl necklace
Work by Nathan, title unknown, 2016
Aline Vandeplas wearing earrings by Akiko Kurihara and a brooch by Karin Seufert
Pei Wu, Strawberry on One Sock
Joanna Gollberg, Ring
Yvonne Montoya wearing Ana Margarida Carvalho’s earrings and Mallory Weston’s Prismatic Spiky Heart Pin

Nathalie Mornu

Nathalie Mornu has edited nonfiction and DIY books since 2003; she is particularly passionate about titles specializing in jewelry and crafts. After studying jewelry fabrication and furniture-making for five years at the Appalachian Center for Craft, she changed course altogether and pursued a degree in journalism. Nathalie then spent a dozen years in the editorial department at Lark Books. In her tenure there, she worked with former Art Jewelry Forum editor Damian Skinner to copy edit Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective. Nathalie began serving as AJF’s proofreader in June 2014 and subsequently branched out to copy editing and content management for the organization.

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