MC: A Passionate Life

Maria Cristina Bergesio (1973–2020)
Liesbeth den Besten and Roberta Bernabei

Maria Cristina Bergesio passed away on March 30, 2020, in Figline Valdarno, Italy. She was a well-known art historian who specialized in contemporary jewelry and had worked as a curator since 1999. She liked her friends to address her by her nickname, MC.

Maria Cristina Bergesio 

Maria Cristina Bergesio
Maria Cristina Bergesio
Giampaolo Babetto, A Cristina, 2020
David Bielander, Il Più Vicino Possible, 2020
Helen Britton, “Perché!?! Ma Perché!?!” Per la Contessa, Maria Cristina Bergesio, 2020
Maria Rosa Franzin, Dedicated to Maria Cristina, 2020
Ruudt Peters, Flowers for Maria Cristina, 2020
Mauro Veglianti, Fiore per Maria Cristina, 2020
Annamaria Zanella, Fiore Blu per Maria Cristina, 2020
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