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I am sure most people find it hard to speak about their own work, especially when it’s so closely tied to their emotions, feelings and experience. The jewelry I create is a product of long years spent as a traditional jeweler, decorator and painter.

Each piece is unique, as is the spark that inspired it: a splash of colour, a half-glimpsed fleeting shape, or a combination of the two. Ideas then materialize and find their final form on paper. On my quest for ideal work materials I settled for paper, gold wire and gems, opting for the lightness and malleability of paper rather than the hardness and rigidity of metal. To me, my art is a harmonious fusion of the experience I have gathered over the years and a constant search for new combinations and arrangements.

Papier-mâché as the main material lends Bodyfurnitures author jewelry its extraordinary lightness. Meticulously handcrafted from pure raw materials, each piece is distinguished by its authenticity, wearing comfort and immediate recognisability.

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Gian Luca Bartellone - Italy

Via Vanga 77
39100 Bolanzo



Instagram: Body Furnitures

Phone: +39 0471 976610



Artist's Statement: Delicious candy? No, these are our contemporary jewelry news for 2020. Be ready for the summer with a new pair of earrings. Made of papier-mâché, gold 18kt, silver, amethysts and pearls. Don’t follow others, make your own way. Necklace Coria and Earrings Corbis will be presented at LOOT 2018, MAD Museum New York City.

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