Gallery of Art in Legnica

As a gallery of modern art, the Gallery of Art in Legnica presents different fields of art, including painting, sculpture, performance, and contemporary jewelry. Every year, in May, it organizes Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. It is the gallery’s biggest event, with over 40 years of tradition. The first exhibitions of art jewelry in Legnica took place in the late 1970s. The Gallery of Art in Legnica’s mission is to present, promote, and collect contemporary jewelry in its various manifestations: from goldsmithing to jewelry that carries on an artistic or socio-critical message.

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER features numerous individual and collective exhibitions. Within the exhibition series About the Artists, Silver Schools, and Debuts, the festival presents both well-known artists with a rich artistic output and students of art colleges studying jewelry design and creation. Among the artists who have presented their works in Legnica are Karol Weisslechner, Jarosław Westermark, Norman Cherry, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Georg Dobler, Herman Hermsen, Ruudt Peters, Tabea Reulecke, Paweł Kaczyński, Jorge Manilla, Felieke van der Leest, Mari Ishikawa, Philip Sajet, Małgorzata Kalińska, Sława Tchórzewska, and Sara Gackowska. Each edition of SILVER is accompanied by numerous publications documenting the development and most important phenomena in the field of art jewelry.

The most important part of the festival is the International Jewellery Competition. Each year the competition is held under a different title referring to important, universal problems and issues from the spheres of broadly understood art, culture, sociology, or media (e.g., RITUAL, REVOLT, CITY, IDENTITY). Each year the jury selects the works and awards prizes from among several hundred pieces sent by artists from several dozen countries around the world.

Every year in May—during the culmination of Legnica SILVER Festival—numerous meetings with artists, vernissages, and a theoretical seminar entitled “The Boundaries of Global Art” take place, exploring the currently presented exhibitions and touching upon issues related to contemporary jewelry, art, and design.

In 2004—after 25 years of “silver” shows—the Gallery of Art in Legnica decided to organize its achievements in the field of promotion of contemporary jewelry and started building a permanent collection. Currently, the collection consists of about half a thousand works, which makes it one of the largest international collections of contemporary artistic jewelry in Europe.

It consists of objects of the latest art, the vast majority of them created in the 21st century. To a large extent, these are works that have been awarded in the Legnica International Jewellery Competition—the main event of Legnica SILVER Festival—as well as objects presented at accompanying exhibitions. The collection includes works by artists from various parts of the world, showing a wide range of possibilities for using body decoration to create a work of art. The collection consists of examples of contemporary, unique jewelry as well as design objects and sculptures with the function of jewelry.

Directed by Justyna Teodorczyk. (Read our interview with Teodorczyk here.)



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