Galerie Beyond

Formerly named Beyond Fashion, galerie beyond is a gallery specializing in contemporary art jewelry and objects. It represents a selection of Belgian and international artists who are committed to developing art jewelry that is one-of-a-kind and that communicates the artist’s inspiration or concept. Exhibitions are organized on a regular basis, in cooperation with promising or established talent, and an inspiring collection of art jewelry and objects is permanently available.

galerie beyond invites you to question the limits of the area traditionally occupied by jewelry. Many of the selected works by national and international jewelry artists in the gallery’s permanent collection somewhat transgress the functions and uses normally given to jewels, going beyond the existing framework of the body and sometimes expanding into the owner’s habitat.

If, due to their scale, some of the jewelry and objects lose their wearable nature, nonetheless their very fabric is still intimately related to the body, due to the process of creation or to their workmanship. Crossing the borders of their fields, the artists of the works in the permanent collection offer themselves a new space for reflection, favorable to the blossoming of it, and to your own blooming.

Sint Jorispoort 27
2000 Antwerpen

Karin De Buysere + René Darmont
Phone: +32 472420683

beyondfashion3m2 projectroom
The beyond fashion 3M2 project room will act as a frame in which artists will be invited to show their work in relation to the wearer and to their environment. Viewers will have the opportunity to visit the changing projects on a 24/7 basis.

Projectroom Address:
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen

Find out more about Karin De Buysere and René Darmont by reading their 2016 interview on AJF.

Object Feature

Annemie De Corte, Untitled

Hansel Tai, Nude Jade Pierced

Ruudt Peters, Stigmata Left and Right

Gésine Hackenberg, Purple Tumbling II

Emma Gregory, Sequential Chromatic Modulation T-8

Noon Passama, Extra Button

Florian Milker, P_Series

Alexander Blank, Weather Report

Edu Tarin, G0E1

Darja Popolitova, Coincidentia Oppositorum

Ruudt Peters, Armus

Jantje Fleischhut, Planet 9

Jelizaveta Suska, Frozen Moment 1

Benedikt Fischer, Sorex

Karin Gyllerfelt, Imprint

Benedikt Fischer, Pearly White

Cynthia Jacobs, The Beauty of Noticing

Timothy Veske-McMahon, Teem III

Helen Friesacher, 8 Circles Course

Nora Rochel, Mental Luxury

Paul Adie, The Earth Is Moving

Carolina Apolonia, Of Things Unknown but Longed for Still

Alejandra Solar, Camouflage

Florian Milker, O_4_5

Jiro Kamata, Flare #5

Hanna Liljenberg, Vanitas

Arnaud Sprimont, Microbiota Fig. 7

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