Galerie Spektrum

Theresienstr. 46
Munich, Germany D-80333

Find out more about Galerie Spektrum's Jürgen Eickhoff by reading their 2015 interview on AJF.

Galerie Spektrum, Munich, Germany
Galerie Spektrum, Munich, Germany
Galerie Spektrum, Munich, Germany

Object Feature

Georg Dobler, Lotus Flower
Georg Dobler, Lotus Flower
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Genesis #1651
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Genesis #1651
Ruudt Peters, Nebula-sumu
Ruudt Peters, On Offer
Andrea Wagner, Lodge On the Edge of Land Between the Lakes
Anton Cepka, Untitled
Herman Hermsen, Stop-Chain
Marianne Schliwinski, Circle Fragment
Herman Hermsen, Vase with Chain
Winfried Krüger, Sponge Brooch
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, l’Acracada II
Marianne Schliwinski, Glück
Georg Dobler, Beetle Brooch
Ruudt Peters, Suctus-Saugn
Mari Ishikawa, Rebirth-Red
Marianne Schliwinski, Container
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Senyors i Senyores #301
Thomas Gentille, Brooch
Andrea Wagner, Crashing through the Tulip Patch on the Rim of Crater Lake while Memorizing Political Correct Parlance—II
Winfried Krüger, Untitled
Ruudt Peters, SUCTUS IMU
Marianne Schliwinski, Untitled
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, "Maps to get lost in the forest" No. 1749
Ruudt Peters, Ouroboros—Kutna Hora
Florence Lehmann, Cônes de Lumière
Andrea Wagner, Sugar Oaks Plantation
Karin Roy Andersson, Swans
Marianne Schliwinski, Circles
Kyoko Fukuchi, No title
Georg Dobler, Untitled
Detlef Thomas, Untitled
Nanna Melland, Fragment of Life
Andrea Wagner, Nymphae Aquatic Star Lodge
Winfried Krüger, Untitled, brooch
Ruudt Peters, Interno-Labor
Ruudt Peters, Interno-Labor