United States

August 12, 2020

Art Jewelry Forum is expanding its efforts to connect more directly with the jewelry community. We’re not moving away from print, but are expanding more into video. One of the ways we’re doing that is by hosting live chats online. We’re planning artist studio visits, live chats with gallerists about shows they’re hosting, interviews with curators and authors, artists interviewing other artists, and programming tied to various jewelry weeks from around the globe. We’ll record them and post them on our website.

In this conversation, lambert makes reference to several projects, some of the links are below:

Collaboration with Maret Anna Sara


Center for Craft Curatorial Fellowship


Artist interview for Athens Jewelry Week Feature


The Fulcrum Project Residency Donation Info


The Fulcrum Project IG


We hope you enjoy these AJF Live events. Please consider supporting our programming by becoming a member or by making a donation in any amount here.



AJF Live with Jewellery and Protective Objects for the 21st Century, concept by Cristina Filipe
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